Friday, February 13, 2009

Writers Block

Hello world! Whats up with me? Well, a lot of stuff. I'm almost finished with Chapter 2! Its going to be great! In chapter 2 you meet all Ana's friends. I'm thinking I might change the title of the book. During the Day Time is a cool one, but I can't think of how that ties in with the story.

I'm not going to say I have writers block, but that is all most what it is. I know exactly what the main problem is, how they're going to find a soulution, and the ending. I just don't know what to put in between all that. I mean, you can't just jump to the main thing in the 3rd chapter than have it all solved by chapter 5!

Well I'm off to write some more. There will be more blog posts in the future. I'm much more into making websites for stuff, so maybe just for fun, I'll start its myspace! Haha! No promises though.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello people! I just wanted to let you know that I am almost 1/4 of the way done with chapter 1! I know that's not very much, but I'm really excited cause its the beginning I really wanna stick with!

If I keep moving at this pace I'll have the book done in no time. I'm think maybe 28 chapters. It depends on how long I make each chapter. I still wouldn't be surprised if this book wasn't out for two more years. I might change the title though...

I spent a couple hours today researching cars, cities, malls. Its been fun. I've posted lots of stuff on yahoo answers. That'll give me answers in no time.

If any of you know any publishers or anything, would you please give me a name and an e-mail address? That would be SO helpful!

Like I said, I really want this book to be on the shelves at Walden's, or Barnes and Noble in about two years. So the sooner I get the information on publishers the sooner I can get this thing published.

Would everyone please leave a comment say the name of the crappiest car you can think of? That would be helpful! Thank you all SO much! Like I said, publishing info would be very helpful. Keep reading. I'll have another update tomorrow. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

During the Day Time

Hello Everyone! I'm so extremely excited! I've been feeling really upset lately and I've finally came up with a solution for it. Writing a book. I am super obsessed with The Twilight Saga Series. So when I was reading, yesterday, it inspired me to make a book of my own.

I know that Twilight has touched the hearts of many people around the world. Seeing that, I want to bring the same happiness to people when they read my book. I'm not sure yet But I think the book is going to be called During the Day Time. I'm still not sure though. I know what your wondering and the answer is no. I am not writing a book about Vampires. Sorry.

I'm also not an experienced writer except if you count the work I do in 3rd period room 104. This brings me to my other point. I'm also quite young. I'm still in middle school to be exact. But I already talked to my mother and she said she would do whatever she could to help me publish it.

Within the last couple of hours, I've realized that writing is my passion. I do read very grown up things so this book isn't going to be a kids book. It will be suspenseful. It is about a girl named Ana Montgomery, who has these bizarre dreams. That's all I have so far. I'm letting you know now that this book will NOT be done anytime soon. I still have to go through the research process. I think its going to take place in Portland, Oregon. Like I said, I'm not sure yet.

Thank you for reading. I will have more on this subject soon enough. If there are any questions, write comments and I'll get back to you soon enough. Thank you again, for reading this.