Friday, February 13, 2009

Writers Block

Hello world! Whats up with me? Well, a lot of stuff. I'm almost finished with Chapter 2! Its going to be great! In chapter 2 you meet all Ana's friends. I'm thinking I might change the title of the book. During the Day Time is a cool one, but I can't think of how that ties in with the story.

I'm not going to say I have writers block, but that is all most what it is. I know exactly what the main problem is, how they're going to find a soulution, and the ending. I just don't know what to put in between all that. I mean, you can't just jump to the main thing in the 3rd chapter than have it all solved by chapter 5!

Well I'm off to write some more. There will be more blog posts in the future. I'm much more into making websites for stuff, so maybe just for fun, I'll start its myspace! Haha! No promises though.

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